The Rosary Light and Life - Current Announcements - July-Aug. 1996


In our last issue we asked our readers to join with thousands of others throughout the country in a rosary crusade - to pledge a daily rosary until the day of the national election (Nov. 5) for the moral renewal of America. The purpose was to storm heaven, through the intercession of the Mother of God "to provide our country with leadership that will recognize the rights of God and the rights of man . . . leadership that will protect and preserve the family as God established it.”

A reprint of that article with a few modifications is enclosed with this mailing, together with the pledge formula. Please feel free to reprint this flyer and distribute it to others who would be willing to join in this crusade for the moral renovation of our country. We are very pleased with the response to this appeal in our last issue.

Each day’s mail brings additional pledges to join the crusade. At the date this was sent to the printers, those joining this crusade from among our readers have pledged 202,693 rosaries to be prayed by Nov. 5th. Please help this number to grow by distributing copies of the enclosed flyer.

2 Novenas of Masses in honor of

The Assumption of Mary

Aug. 7 - 15 & Aug 16 - 24
to be offered for your intentions.


There is no other article
That means so much to me
Or gives me so much comfort
As my precious rosary.
Each bead is bright and lovely as
A flower or a gem,
And sacred is the crucifix
That watches over them.
My fingers touch them lightly
While my head I gently nod ...
“Our Father” and “Hail Mary” and
The “Glory be to God” . . .
I say my rosary in the church,
At home and on retreat,
I say it in my pocket when
I walk along the street.
And when I quench the little flame
That lights the candle-wicks,
I always kneel beside my bed
And kiss the crucifix.


The above is the title of a video digest of Pope John Paul II’s five day visit to the United States in October of 1995. It includes highlights of the various places he visited, including the historic celebration of Mass before 300 thousand people in New York’s Central park.

“During his recent visit to America, John Paul II challenged us to awaken our hearts and minds to the true freedom that only comes in Jesus. It’s a message that will endure for generations” (Mother Angelica).

Copies of this video (approximately 90 minutes) may be obtained from the Rosary Center for $12 plus mailing cost ($3 in the US).

If you are desirous to receive back copies of THE ROSARY, LIGHT AND LIFE, write for our list of back copies available.

If you know someone who prays the Rosary regularly and is not enrolled in the Rosary Confraternity, encourage them to enroll to gain the added fruits of membership. Enrollment leaflets will be sent to those who ask. Indicate how many are needed.

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