Rosary Crusade for America

The World Apostolate of Fatima has inagurated a nation-wide Rosary Crusade, not for the conversion of Russia, as Our Lady asked at Fatima, but for the conversion of our own United States of America. This is an effort to get as many Catholics as possible to pledge a daily Rosary to make reparation for the sins of our country committed against the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Its purpose is to beseech heaven "to provide our country with leadership that will recongize and defend the rights of God and the rights of man... leadership that will protect and preserve the family as God established it."

This Rosary Crusade for America will continue throughout this country until November 5th, which happens to be the date of our National election. History has proven that the Rosary when offered to the Mother of God by great numbers of persons in times of crisis has produced remarkable results.

[New!] Progress Report on the Rosary Crusade for America.

This country of ours is indeed in a moral crisis. Its moral sickness is so great and so widespread that it will not be healed by human forces alone. It will need the special help of heaven; but heaven requires our cooperation.

For this reason it is our hope that many hundreds of our readers who are deeply concerned about the moral decline of our country will pledge a daily Rosary asking God's help through the intercession of Our Lady the Patroness of our country.

If a person commenced the daily Rosary on the first of July, and continued until November 5th, such a one would have contributed 128 Rosaries to this urgent cause. We would like to know, if possible, the number of those who would be willing to be involved in this Rosary Crusade, so that we can make it known to the national center how many Rosaries we are adding to the overall national Rosary Crusade. Would you mind letting us know by returning the signed pledge formula attached.

The rosary may seem like an insignificant weapon in this battle against the forces of evil, but it is the weapon Our Lady chose at Fatima to hasten world peace. She chose this weapon, so insignificant in itself, precisely that the power of God behind it might be all the more manifest. God chooses the weak the confound the strong (1 Cor. 1:27). He chooses insignificant instruments, in preferance to those the world relies on, to make it more clear that the end result is more the hand of God than the work of man.

May Our Lady of the Rosary inspire you to become part of this Rosary Crusade for the conversion of our country.

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