The Rosary Light and Life - Current Announcements - May-June 2016

A few words from Fr. Reginald Martin, O.P.


I once did some research on the word "heart," and discovered it occurs 990 times in Shakespeare. The Bible uses the word "heart" 865 times, but that is the unmodified noun. The concordance offers separate listings for "brokenhearted," "faint hearted," "hard hearted," "merry hearted," "stiff hearted," "stout hearted," and "tender hearted." The word "heart" is an important word in our vocabulary because our hearts are important parts of our lives. Where we find them, Jesus says, we will find our treasure. This can, it strikes me, be a rather frightening thought when we consider some of the things that make our hearts beat faster.

Fortunately - for us - we are what makes Jesus' Sacred Heart beat faster. So the gospel reading for the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart tells us He is a good shepherd, willing to come out looking for us when we've wandered off. Throughout the Scripture we are warned that the cost of our sin is exile; when we misplace our hearts we end up all by ourselves. This is bad enough, but St. Luke says things get worse: sin not only cuts us off from one another, it finally paralyzes us. We cannot come home even if we want to. So Jesus comes looking for us. Since we cannot walk, he doesn't just lead us home, he carries us. And because we are so valuable, he invites everyone to celebrate our home coming.

In Misericordiae Vultus, his letter announcing 2016 as an Extraordinary Year of Mercy our Holy Father refers to this passage from St. Luke's gospel, one of the three "lost and found" parables in Luke's gospel account. "In these parables, God is always presented as full of joy, especially when he pardons. In them we find the core of the Gospel and of our faith, because mercy is presented as a force that overcomes everything, filling the heart with love and bringing consolation through pardon." (MV, 9)

The Scriptures contain few pictures that illustrate love more vividly than the parable of the lost sheep. St. Paul says we would be hard-pressed to die for someone good, but Christ was willing to die for us. Not in spite of our sin, but because of it. When our hearts skipped a beat in the garden, and we found ourselves in exile, God took on a heart - to show us how to love, and where to find our treasure.


On April 14th our beloved Fr. Paul Duffner celebrated his 101st birthday, and the Rosary Center's many friends will be delighted to know that he still pays daily visits to the office and takes a hand in the Center's affairs. He is no longer so active as he once was, but his handwriting is as magnificent as ever, and new members of the Rosary Confraternity are beautifully enrolled in our records.


We are proud to offer a new book, published by the Carmelite sisters in Coimbra, Portugal. A Pathway Under the Gaze of Mary. This is a fascinating biography of Sister Maria Lucia of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart. The book is available for $19.95. Check it out on our order form.

We also have a new children's book, Lucia and the Immaculate Heart: A True Story (Angela Andrejczuk). This is an astonishingly comprehensive presentation of Sr. Lucia's experiences as a young girl. Although it was written for children, Rosary devotees of any age will find it fascinating. We're offering the book for $14.95.


Many of our friends are, undoubtedly, sad, to learn of the death of Mother Angelica, founder of ETWN. What some may not realize is the strong link between Mother Angelica's ministry and that of one of the Rosary Center's most popular contributors, Fr. Brian Mullady. For many years Fr. Mullady took part in a number of Mother Angelica's programs, and he was so well- known that when the Western Dominicans developed their website, he was the most "visited" member of the Western Province. The Rosary Center is very proud to offer the CD of a conference Fr. Mullady recently offered. It is titled Mercy in to Misery and leads the listener through a reflection on Mercy, illustrated in the gospel account of Jesus' encounter with the woman taken in adultery. To order the CD, turn to our order form; the cost is $10.00.


We are very sorry to announce an increase in the amount we must pay for the candles we make available to our friends. Heretofore, we have asked a donation of $2.00. The costs of our candles have risen, with the result we must, reluctantly, beg you to contribute at least $3.00 for the candles you wish us to offer for your intentions.

Valuable additions to the spiritual Bookshelf

Dominican historian, Fr. Augustine Thompson, published a well-received biography of St. Francis, which has recently appeared in a paperback edition. This biography has been embraced by religious and secular experts alike, and many Franciscan superiors have said they will not be without it. The book portrays an engaging and sympathetic individual, but does not sentimentalize Francis, or attempt to gloss over his many challenges.

Popular theologian Mark Shea (whom Fr. Reginald knew when he served as pastor of the Dominican parish in Seattle, Washington), offers a new edition of a remarkable work, Mary, Mother of the Son. Originally published in three volumes, the work is now available in a single volume, and Fr. Reginald says it is hard to put down.

Volume one considers popular misunderstandings about Mary, the second treats Mary's virginity, Immaculate Conception and Assumption, and the third, which Rosary devotees may find most engaging, studies Marian devotions, including the Rosary. The volumes formed a part of Fr. Reginald's spiritual reading for many early mornings before the Blessed Sacrament; he urges the friends of the Rosary Center to share his enriching experience.


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