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One of the lesser-known medieval saints is Bl. Amadeus of Lausanne. He was born in 1110, and entered the Cistercian monastery when only fourteen years old. St. Bernard was his teacher. St. Bernard is known for some remarkable reflections on the Blessed Virgin, and perhaps his mentor's devotion inspired Bl. Amadeus, for he, too, left behind a collection of homilies on Mary.

In a homily for August 22, the octave day of the Feast of Mary's Assumption, Amadeus preached:

...Because of the honor due her Son, it was indeed fitting for the Virgin Mother to have first ruled upon earth and then be raised up to heaven in glory.... The angels rejoiced to see their queen; the apostles rejoiced to see their lady, and both obeyed with loving devotion. Dwelling in the loftiest citadel of virtue, like a sea of divine grace or an unfathomable source of love that has everywhere overflowed its banks, she poured forth her bountiful waters on trusting and thirsting souls.

These words magnificently establish our worship of Jesus as the context within which we honor His Mother. Mary's unique relation to Our Savior has merited a place next to him in heaven. Her loving and obedient service sets the example for everything we do, and promises us the same ultimate reward.

Amadeus' homily continues:

Has anyone ever come away from her troubled or saddened or ignorant of the heavenly mysteries? Who has not returned to everyday life gladdened and joyful because his request has been granted by the Mother of God? ...In her abundant goodness she has channeled the spring of reason's garden, the well of living and life-giving waters...until they surround the shores of every far-flung nation. With divine assistance she has redirected these waters and made them into streams of peace and pools of grace.

These streams of peace may appear quite elusive these days, as nearly every morning greets us with details of some new and horrifying act of deadly violence. This evidence of our fallen human nature undoubtedly increases our thirst; may it also call us to turn more urgently to Our Mother, the Queen of Peace.


Change is once again afoot at the Rosary Center. Our Dominican Provincial has asked Fr. Dismas Sayre to abandon the reins at the Rosary Center and undertake direction of the Western Province's Shrine of St. Jude.

Fr. Dismas has proven a very able administrator at the Center – and a very tidy one. The Dominican Archives have been enriched by his sorting through boxes of old personal correspondence and sending some unusual postage stamps to Fr. Reginald, our former director, who now serves as the Western Province's Archivist.

The new Director of the Center is Fr. Joseph Mary Sergott, a Dominican whose name bears witness to his dedication to the Rosary Center's ministry. Fr. Joseph is a native of Michigan, who encountered the Dominicans in the 1980s, when he came to California to work in the aeronautics industry. He joined the Dominicans in 1988, was ordained in 1996, and has served most recently as Assistant to our Dominican Provincial.


Our friends will be happy to learn that the staff at the Rosary Center moves forward without undergoing any change. Fr. Duffner, our 102 year old stalwart Director Emeritus, and model for his Dominican brothers' devotion to the Rosary, continues to come to the Rosary Center office each day. And Fr. Reginald Martin will continue to write the reflections for Light and Life. "I hoped I might serve as Director for twenty years, as Fr. Duffner did," he says, "but God had other plans. I've found immense consolation in writing these reflections since 2005. I pray God and my superiors will allow me to keep this up!" A NEW EDITION OF A CLASSIC Before sending Fr. Dismas on his way, we made certain he finished one of his pet projects: revising our best-selling, Scripturally Based Rosary. Our new edition is beautifully illustrated, and includes the Luminous Mysteries. Each Mystery is introduced by a passage from the Bible, or another source that will provide inspiration for grace-filled prayer. The paperback booklet contains 53 pages. Cost: $3.00 and available in our on-line store.


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